EMF Safe Living Options


We’re glad you found us here in Green Bank. We have lived here for 6 years now and love it, not for just the EMF safe aspects, but also for the no crime, extremely clean air, great mild four seasons and great people. The cost of living is for the most part, much less than many other places in the country as well. You dollar can go further here.

There are towns close enough that you can get to them and get things that you can’t find locally. There are farmers markets during the summer, and you can get most anything you need (organic as well) from various sources.

Green Bank is the only truly still Safe EMF protected zone in the world today. Unlike other areas that you can go to where they can pop up a cell tower or install a smart meter sender receiver etc near you. This will be especially so with the new 5G network being installed now.

Then what can you do once you have invested time and money in being there?

 If you’re reading this, you most likely know this, and are smart enough to want to come to a place where everything regarding EMF’s is federally mandated to be Cell Phone Tower and No Smart Meters Safe.


  1. We have one rental space available for your RV Trailer or your Tiny Home. $550. per month. This space will have great views and is quiet. It is big enough to accommodate a 35 foot unit. Your monthly rent will include water and electric use. There is propane available at this time for $1.95 gallon from a local company who will deliver.
  2. We also have one “Tiny Home” rental as well for $600. per month. This $600. per month will include water, electric. Tiny home is just that. It is tiny but complete. Think of it as a studio. It is 12′ X 18′.

While this area is quite rural, the great thing about this unique town, that it is a town, and this won’t leave you feeling like your are isolated and alone out on a piece of property way away from civilization. We did that and swore we would never be that isolated again.

Because the availability of rentals is just about non existent in this area, our rentals will be highly coveted. As such we are requiring specific things from those we rent to.


Having said that we are also aware that you may need to come and stay for a week or longer to test this out and see if this will work for you. 

The fee for this is $50.00 per day during the spring and summer. Winter months will be $60.00. This will include utilities. 



  While these rental offerings are quite non-toxic, they are not for those with multiple chemical sensitivities. There is passive chimney smoke during the winter in this area, as many people in rural areas such as this heat with fireplaces. The Tiny House we have is also done as non-toxic as possible ( we are very aware of this, in every sense, and our home and whole property is kept non-toxic and very clean), but is still not adequate for those with true M.C.S.

  • If you are serious about coming to Green Bank long term. Then fill out the application below.
  • Your verifiable credit score needs to be above 600.
  • We need to know how you will be supporting yourself when you are here. If you plan on a long term stay, then you need to prove how you will take care of yourself financially. Your will need to have an income of at least $1300. per month. Verifiable.
  • We are looking to have no more than one person per rental space.
  • We will need first months rent, and last months rent, plus deposit of $600. 
  • We are looking for a clean and neat and responsible renters.
  • Sorry but no pets for the Tiny Home Rental. RV or Your Tiny Home rental people, having a pet is dependent on the type and size of pet.
  • There is internet and phone and cable available for those who want it. I can get you in contact with the providers.

Requirements and considerations for your home.

  • If you choose to heat with wood, ( in the case of your  own RV or Tiny Home you bring) check this out as one possible option. Click Here
  • There is also a place to do laundry here.
  • There is no septic system for toilet disposal here. So you will need an alternative toilet such as the one listed down below in the RV & Tiny home winter living resource area. These work well and are no fuss or muss etc. to use.
  • The tiny home we are renting also uses this same type of toilet and you will have to maintain the unit. This is a no mess no smell system. This is easy to maintain.
  • If you have your own home on wheels then this is what you need to know. You will need a 30 amp breaker box for your 110/120 home power. The power service for you will be set up for 30 amps. 240 service is not available. To understand this and set your home up properly to sustain your electric needs here………..Click Here
  • Water will be from well water, which is filtered and has UV light in the filter system.
  • If you have things that will require some storage you can purchase a storage unit and have it on your space but not to exceed 8ftx8ft. There is no storage available here in town.
  • You will be using a gray water system for you waste water, such as sinks and shower. This will be the only type of hookup for waste removal. Human body waste can not be dumped.
  • Since most of with RV or Tiny homes will plan on being here year round, then make sure that you have your home winterized. The temperature here can get down in the teens at night off and on, and this goes up and down through the major 3 months of the winter height. Most RV service centers can do this for you. There are travel trailers that come this way.
  • Craigslist is a good resource for finding used travel trailer’s and tiny homes, that are winterized.
  • Your own Renters Liability Insurance will be needed as well. Just click here for some options.

Resource’s for Winter living in a Travel Trailer or Tiny Home.

We prefer to have contact with only those that can qualify for the rentals. Once you have submitted you application I will contact you immediately to discuss things, and answer your questions.

We are only looking for those who want long term rentals and are coming here to make Green Bank their home.

If you are interested in either of these rentals fill out the Rental Application .Email to my email the completed forms : docjtr@att.net or US mail to Po Box 27 Green Banks WV 24944

My wife and I wish you well with your efforts to become EMF free.